Padley Gorge & Bolehill

The ancient twisted woodland around Padley Gorge is well know in photography circles, with  Burbage Brook, a small stream that flows through the length of this wooded valley.  I’ve photographed here a few times in the past, always in bleak weather.  This time however, the sun shone brightly and lit up the canopy.

Further away from the gorge itself towards the Surprise View car park is Bolehill Quarry.  Bole Hill Quarry is an amazing place as there are thousands of silver birches nestled in a huge disused quarry where there are lots of footpaths leading to more areas of the minings and abandoned millstones.  Although its often difficult to find a focal point in the mass of trees, I hope to capture the beauty of the place.  Not a whiff of mist either on these shots! I’ve included a few abstract multiple exposure shots from the shoot.

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