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I’m also a songwriter and musician.  My latest project is Garforth & Myers.  To date we have released a 4 track EP and a full length Album, entitled ‘Bonfires’.


Rory Garforth & Adam Myers are the songwriting partnership at the helm of a folk/acoustic collective, involving musicians from all over the UK. With their base in South Yorkshire Garforth & Myers provide “lushly brewed melodious folk hypnosis; a multitude of and a masterclass in well crafted songs and understated delivery”. After initially meeting whilst involved separate musical projects Rory & Adam started working on material together.

The result was a sound reminiscent of 60’s psychedelic folk, carefully crafted multi part Harmonies with long time band member Emma Johnstone, would form the basis of a selection of demo’s which attracted the attention of producers Keith Angel and Andy Seward; perhaps best known for their work with Jon Boden , Kate Rusby, Martin Simpson, John Tams, Chris Drever et al… Work started on putting together a self-financed album after months of writing, planning and preparation and features the talents of Devon based Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll layering up lush string arrangements which has become integral to the sound.

With additions from Magazine’s Dave Formula on electric piano and hammond, Andy Seward on Double Bass, The Angel Brothers; Keith Angel on Drums and percussion and Dave Angel on Electric Guitar and not least the essential contributions from Peter Rophone on Electric Bass and Phil Gardiner on Piano the result has been one that all involved can be proud of!

The resulting 10 track album was released in 2012 along with a four track EP entitled ‘Bonfires’ which is available to purchase online from Amazon or CD baby or as MP3 Download from iTunes.  Downloads are also available on Bandcamp (including PDF booklet)


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