Live Music 2013

Here’s some images taken at various music events in South Yorkshire, mainly featuring bands I’m good friends with.
Shot using either the X100 or D700/800 with Voigtlander Primes.
Bands included are Imoko Set/Aztec Doll/New Messiahs/Yellow Elevators/Leon O’doherty/Toba caldera/Black Lamps….

27 23 26 25 24 7 6 1 4 3 5 7 8 debut3 debut6 debut5 debut4 14 17 18 16 20 19 28 2 imoko 14_small debut1 debut2 imoko 13_small imoko 12_small imoko 11_small imoko 10_small imoko 9_small imoko 4_small imoko 6_small imoko 7_small imoko 8_small imoko 3_small Black_lamps_6_small Black_lamps_3_small Black_lamps_2_small Black_lamps_1_small Black_lamps_4_small Black_lamps_5_small Imoko 1_small

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